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Website Updates January 2019

I have made two new pages available on the website and I would like to point to them here as well.

These pages focus on what I call featured routes. These are longer articles with more detailed information about a specific historic route or routes. The key aspect of these is the interactive map.

This map shows the area together with the route and key locations. It is of course zoom-able and the markers for routes and locations can be clicked. They show pop-up windows with additional information, pictures and links to a specific section of the main body the text relevant for the map marker.

The new pages are:

The Isthmus of Panama – This is an extended version of my older post on the subject, which is ever popular among website visitors.

Historic routes across the Alps – This page is published with the interactive map, an overview and a section about the Brenner route. It will be extended with more content.

The Featured Routes menu provides direct access from the homepage as well.

I hope you enjoy this new content.


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