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The way to the Western Front


The war from 1914 to 1918 is best known for its trench warfare, being the first of the “World Wars” and sowing the seeds for further conflicts. Not only the Second World War but also the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s and current conflicts in the Middle East can be traced to the settlement of the 1914-18 war.

The few weeks in August and September 1914 at the outbreak of war were different from what our picture of the Great War. They still shaped the upcoming four years of the conflict and consequently history of the past hundred years.

I wanted to explore these events more and the centenary was the perfect occasion for this.
Following the route the First German army took on its forced march on the right flank of the Schlieffen plan, led me to places where the important themes of the war emerge.

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Aachen: 50.775558, 6.083851
Bavay: 50.298322, 3.794382
Herbesthal: 50.661386, 5.985017
Chemin des Dames: 49.442269, 3.667374
Coulommiers: 48.810628, 3.080635
Meaux: 48.956619, 2.884254
Nanteuil-le-Haudouin: 49.138100, 2.805161
Senlis: 49.206335, 2.584276
Saint-Just-en-Chaussée: 49.502316, 2.432442
Compiègne: 49.417037, 2.823830
Ailly-sur-Noye: 49.755608, 2.365150
Boves: 49.845577, 2.397079
Albert: 50.003028, 2.650108
Pozières: 50.038686, 2.727699
Bapaume: 50.103311, 2.849321
Cambrai: 50.178503, 3.234444
Haspres: 50.259125, 3.415375
Mons: 50.452946, 3.952160
Soignies: 50.578288, 4.067688
Tubize: 50.691706, 4.203987
Bruxelles: 50.847012, 4.352088
Leuven (Louvain): 50.879120, 4.701247
Tienen: 50.805482, 4.939942
Sint-Truiden: 50.815713, 5.186577
Maison Blanche: 50.684268, 5.955062
Liège: 50.641790, 5.571141

(click on the “i” map markers to access links to additional content)

Explore the markers on the map (“i” markers have links) and find out more about a journey from Aachen to the Chemin des Dames, where the attack ended and the static Western Front began.

Here is also a list of the individual posts from locations along the route of the First Army from Aachen to the Chemin des Dames:


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